I am a new, inexperienced rider. I'm 36, live in Southern California. I have decided that a Yamaha Virago 250 is the right bike for me to learn on. I have taken and passed the BRC and now have my "M" endorsement on my license. I have looked at used bikes and don't necessarily want to buy a bike that is only a few hundred dollars cheaper than new, without warranty, possible maintenance issues, etc. The dealers in this area have told me that because I will "outgrow" this size of bike in a couple of months, that they will not sell me anything smaller than a 900 cc cruiser. My plan is to buy a small bike to learn on (as is the advice I have received from numerous others). Then after a year or two (depending more on confidence and experience than timeline) upgrade to a larger bike. How can I get a dealer to sell me what I want vs. what they want??? Also, anyone have any suggestions on how to get a bike transported to your house once purchased since I don't yet have the experience to be riding on the hwys and freeways from the dealership to home???

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.