So I'm in need of transportation. The bus sucks and my bike is going to need a little work before I can ride it again, but it's getting closer to summer time and I really don't want to show up at work a sweaty mess. It's a long 5 mile commute to my job in Los Angeles, and I frequently ride at night.
I've got enough money to invest in wheeled transporation and fully intend to procure it. I'm seriously considering a Scion xB due to the immense practicality it offers: Plenty of room for amp stacks, chocolate confectionaries, fishing equipment, great gas mileage. However, picking up a newer vehicle will require me to start thinking in terms of payments, insurance, etc, meaning I will have to budget somewhere around 500-600 month just for this, not to mention gas, maintainence, and fucking parking. I'm currently not making the kind of cash where this would be a comfortable option, especially since I'm limited to one job at the moment while my collarbone mends itself.
My roomate is trying to sell me on a 2 wheeled vehicle. Specifically something along the lines of a CB350-450. Small, cheap, economical, reliable. He says it'd make a great starter bike and rush hour traffic would be a non-issue, plus parking is much easier to find. Sure.
Now, I'm also considering a scooter, say a vespa. Not one of the plastic Indian builds, but a real, honest to goodness Vespa. 150-250cc. Either one would be a decent step up from the bicycle. Either one would require me about 4-6 weeks to heal up before I could ride them, and I'd have to get an M1 regardless. My primary concerns are: Transportation, reliability, looking cool What say you ars?

Any help will be apprecited.

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